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El Porvenir: Clean Water, Healthy Nicaraguans

Improving the standard of living of rural Nicaraguans through water,
sanitation, health education, and watershed management projects.

We were recently featured in United Methodist Church's Interpreter Magazine article: El Porvenir: Clean Water, Healthy Nicaraguans

El Porvenir means "the future".

ProjectsClean water means a healthier future for rural Nicaraguans. In partnership with the people of Nicaragua, we help them build a future for themselves. Providing clean drinking water is the core of what El Porvenir is about; sanitation is necessary to ensure that the water is clean. In addition to sustainable water and sanitation projects, we provide health and hygiene education and reforestation.

El Porvenir sponsors Responsible Tourism.

Visit NicaTravel with us and contribute in a substantial and positive way to the development of Nicaragua.

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When you purchase a Limited Edition Holden Village Taylor GS Mini Guitar, $165 goes to support clean water projects in Central America.

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Forest Woodward
Mayra has a degree in social work and joined the El Porvenir team in 2011.
El Porvenir Educators go door to door to ensure that project beneficiaries have learned how to improve their hygiene habits and best use their new water and sanitation infrastructure.
Nile Sprague
El Porvenir partners with local schools to ensure that children like these spend time in school rather than suffer from preventable diseases caused by dirty water and lack of sanitation.
Nile Sprague
Oneida, our Developer and Coordinator for the El Sauce/Achuapa office, has been a member of the El Porvenir team since 2000. She is known for her strong work ethic and creating long-lasting relationships with communities.
Nile Sprague, El Porvenir staff
A fuel-efficient stove uses 60% less firewood than a traditional stove. It also has a chimney to take the smoke out of the home, reducing chronic eye and lung infections for village women.
Nile Sprague
Women and children often travel great distances to collect water. A spring capture system reduces this burden by bringing the water to a distribution tank closer to home. Here, villagers are installing pipes for their spring capture system.
The Holden Village limited edition of the Taylor GS Mini guitar lets you play a piece of history and helps bring clean drinking water to those in need. To learn more, visit the "Buy a Guitar" tab under the "What Can I Do?" menu.

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